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We always welcome potential new members and guest.  If you are interested in checking the club out contact a board member. They will arrange for day in which they can meet you there and sponsor you as a guest.  If you want to fly that day make sure you have your updated AMA Card with you.

NOTE: We are unable to take payments via PayPal, please contact the treasured to arrange for payments, see Contacts

Prospective new members

Here are the AMA membership links:

More Information and Forms

  • The CFC Adult membership (First Year) is $100 plus $100 runway maintenance fee. - New Member Application
  • The CFC Adult renewals are $100 per year thereafter. - Membership Renewal Form
  • CFC By-Laws
  • AMA membership through the next year is required before CFC membership is granted.
  • AMA Youth memberships are free and are good until their 19th birthday.
  • The CFC Youth membership is free until the child’s 19th birthday.
  • There are no runway fees for Youth memberships.
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