About CFC

The Camarillo Flying Circus got its start back in 1973 in the city of Camarillo.  The club started with fifteen members and focused mainly on control line aircraft. The clubs primary goal was to give flyers a place to fly their aircrafts in a safe and controlled site.  Other goals were to teach and share their knowledge of safe flying to those who wanted to learn about the hobby.


The club expanded to radio controlled aircrafts and the membership grew.  The club bounced around the city of Camarillo flying at different locations granted by the city. Finally in 1979 the club reached an agreement with the county of Ventura to construct a runway in the Santa Clara Riverbed just west of Los Angeles Ave.  The club partnered with the local Construction Battalion of Port Hueneme and poured a 400 foot by 50 foot runway. The club would later extend the runway to 500 feet.



The club continues to fly in the riverbed and the membership has grown to well over 100 flyers. The club has come a long way since its start with just 15 pilots and controlled line aircrafts. You will find a variety of aircrafts from small scale, large scale, 3D planes, jets, warbirds, FPV and helicopters.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our goal. This is to provide a safe and controlled site which novice and expert pilots can fly, and to educated new pilots about the hobby.


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